Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mr. McCutie

Sporting his green McCutie outfit from Auntie Sue. Gavin really does look good in GREEN.

Growing Boy

Our goal was to take a picture each month of Gavin & Pooh to see how he's grown. Well life takes over and sometimes goals aren't always accomplished :-) However, we do have the 1 month and 6 month. And BOY quite a difference. He is growing bigger & bigger and is such a good boy - everyone loves you baby Gavin!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6 month Photos

Big Thanks to Wendy Newman Photography for doing such a great job with Gavin! We have 2 more sessions with them before he is one. Great photos, great kid!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Baby

I know every mother thinks here child is the cutest of all the children. But seriously, anyone would have to admit...Gavin comes really close to being the cutest!! He tried Cheerios for the first time last night and didn't know what to do with them so it just sat on his lip for the longest time. Barb was cracking up! Eventually he figured it out and ate several...he can't quite figure out how to put them in his mouth himself yet though - but it sure was fun watching him try.
Then the sweet boy played so hard he cuddled up with his blanky and went right to sleep...precious.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We've had a great week so far. Being able to play outside in February is AWESOME! (sorry to the rest of the country that is miserable right now).
Gavin tried the swing today for the first time and LOVED it. We went to the park by our house yesterday and ding-dong mom (that's Barb) didn't realize it doesn't have swings. So the closest one is on the other side of the neighborhood, but it's a good distance to run to, swing a while, and run back. Gavin laughed each time the swing came forward - I'll be taking the video camera next time...too cute!!

This is the 'no-swing' park that we tried yesterday. We did the slides, but it's a little too grown up of a playground for Gavin yet.
Cutest little monkey on the planet!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gavin's First Valentine's Day

Gavin got some special treats from special friends. The Keane's gave him this cute apron that he wore around all day.
Nana Diane sent him a really cute caterpillar; he loved opening it and as you can see - everything went in his mouth...the paper AND the toy.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Powder Puff Football

So much fun! Yes the subject says 'football' and the person in the photo is Barb, not Jason. I had the best time every practicing and playing in this tournament. I was pregnant last year so couldn't play, but heard it was fun. I met some great women and just had a really great time. I wish there was an actual season and I could play more than once a year. Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Another KC Visit

WOW Gavin really knows how to shmooz the right people. In December the CEO of the company was on our flight and Gavin sat with him for over 1/2 the flight. This month we ran into Bill, and as you can see Gavin had no problem cozy-ing up to him either. (Bill's another big wig at PCG). Good job Gavin, thanks for being so cute & charming.
I just love this photo, don't they look like they've been friends forever? Layne & Gretchen are the best administrative assistants when it comes to Gavin. These girls are constantly helping, helping, helping. And Gavin LOVES them! As you can see when he's sitting here with Layne.
Gretchen singing the ABC's to Gavin, for whatever reason he loves this song.
Just a few more years and they'll 'officially' be able to babysit!!

Drool baby, drool!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crazy Busy!!

We have been so busy lately, we haven't updated the blog forever! As you can see there's always time for photos though. Here is what we have been up to the last few weeks:

Gavin is starting to really play with his toys and entertain himself. He's still a little small for the school bus, but he does like it. Thank you to our friends the Keane's for donating it to the Gavin collection...what a deal!

Gavin has had several visitors over the last few weeks as well. Great Grandma Blanche came 2 different weekends, and then he had Great-Great Auntie Alice (picture above), Great Auntie Sue, and he spent a weekend without mom and dad with Grandma Patti in charge. He had lots of fun with all those ladies spoiling him...oh I mean taking care of him.

Barb ran in the PF Chang's Rock & Roll 1/2 marathon in January. She had her best time ever...exactly 2:00 hours (and a few seconds). Gavin, Jason, Patti, Sam, and David's dad Art were all there to support her. Sam had lots of fun signs that gave the runners a laugh. David ran the full marathon - we're so proud of him. Look at that medal!
Big boy in cousin Cole's coat (from almost 25 years ago)

Who YOU calling crabby? Seriously, Gavin is one of the happiest babies we've ever been around. Sure there are times he cries, but not often and almost always for a reason. We are so lucky to have such a happy, cheerful, easy-going baby! Could we be so lucky to have baby #2 as easy?? Probably not.