Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Easter Day

Approximately 2 months after Easter we're finally getting around to blogging about it.  Better late than never.  Despite the crazy winter we had and the snow that showed up in May; Easter day was beautiful.  A chilly breeze, but nice enough for a hunt outside.  Gavin LOVED it, and Liam was just trying to figure out how to carry the basket that was twice his size.

We had our friends the Clayton family over for dinner.  They brought this adorable cake that was made with the Pampered Chef mixing bowl as a mold and 3 cupcakes.  So darn cute!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Easter Eve

Nothing like saving the dying of eggs until the night before Easter.  We don't have a lot of hard boiled egg eaters in the house so we took our chances and dyed raw eggs.  We think they turned out pretty darn good.  Maybe next year we'll do them a little ahead of time.

On Easter morning Gavin was very concerned that we were going to use the eggs to cook with.  He has a special appreciation for eggs; we're not quite sure where it came from.  He definitely does not eat them.

After we went to bed the Easter Bunny came in our house and left some treats for the boys.