Monday, September 27, 2010

Seattle Susan G Koman 3 Day

I can't tell you enough what a wonderful event the Susan G. Koman 3 day is!! The fact that it is in multiple cities, every year amazes me. You really have to experience it to understand what I mean. I just attended the Seattle 3 Day as a crew member (not as a walker), working for the Gear and Tent Crew. I'll leave out the boring details and tell you this is one of the most physically challenging crews to be on during the 3 day. Betsy and I decided "we're young and physically fit, we can do it" and do it we did! We were sore, and tired, hungry & thirsty all the time; we were just too busy to deal with any of those concerns :-) I do have a new respect for my crew members here in AZ, and have a couple of surprises planned for them this year! Below are just a few pictures from our weekend. Jason and I are still trying to raise money for our Arizona walk in November. If you haven't yet donated and would like to you can click the link on our blog to do so. Thank you!

The entire Gear & Tent Crew - Seattle 2010 (well minus Betsy because she had to go back to work). Yes Betsy got up at 2:45 am, loaded walkers luggage onto these moving trucks and then went to work at 7:00 am for a full day of work on Friday.
Josh, Betsy, Barb, and Sean. Josh & Sean were also on gear and tent, they made the weekend really fun. Sean's wife & friend were walkers in the event.
Seattle rain...urgh! It rained on Thursday and Friday - was gorgeous sunny (73 degrees) on Saturday, and then rained again Saturday night and Sunday.
Bags, bags, bags and more bags. I will never apply for a job at Southwest Airlines. Very few people stuck to the guidelines of 35 lbs. or less. Approximately 2,200 walkers and 500 crew members = a lot of luggage!
We managed to take 1 picture the entire weekend of ourselves. Too busy to even think about the camera.

A constant reminder why we were there and what all the hard work was for!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Downtown Chandler Photo Shoot

As mentioned a few posts ago we went to downtown Chandler and had Sam take photos of us. She has several on her blog as well. If you like what you see, she is for hire - she's an amazing photographer and editor. These are just a few of our favorites.


I can do it myself!!

Yes, we've reached the stage of independence. And it is only going to get worse with little Gavin. Actually he's doing a great job, yogurt is his specialty - it sticks to the spoon easy and doesn't matter if the spoon is right side up or upside down.

And the kid will eat just about anything, it's wonderful!

How do kids figure out that Olives fit on your fingers? I'm sure some parents show them, but we were sitting at the dinner table and looked over and he was cracking up at himself that he had an olive on his finger. Goofy baby!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Let's Get Organized Part #1

It was a good weekend at the Hendricks House! When mommy's happy, everyone is happy. Thanks to Sam's organizing inspiration I finally finished my pantry as well. I wasn't going to label everything, but once I saw hers it was a must! And my spices...OH I love cooking so much more now. We had a great weekend cooking together as a family and Gavin is even eating our grown up dinners. Homemade pesto, linguini, and chicken sausage on Saturday, chicken tacos with coleslaw & BBQ Onions on Sunday, and Mushroom Bolognese with pasta tonight. Such a big boy! We're loving cooking with our Bountiful Basket each week and finding new recipes to enjoy.



*{Find these at...The Container Store}*


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Picture Day

We had the pleasure of being "models" for Samara Link, our favorite photographer (and very good friend) in downtown Chandler. These pictures were actually ones that we snuck in on our camera, while she was doing her work! I'm sure we'll have some photos of hers to share soon. You can always check her blog Link Adventure which is full of amazing photography every day!

Our star, little Gavin...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Go Go Gadget!!

Gavin is just like his mom & dad, he loves his GADGETS! Unfortunately for us he spends a lot of time communicating with us via the phone. He has learned it quite well. He hears the house phone ring and he runs right over to wear it sits docked, he knows not to touch it, but sits and waits for one of us to pick it up. Then the yelling begins, he assumes every call is for him. He walks around the house like a grown up with that thing stuck on his ear. Oh yes, and he does talk...and talk, and talk, and talk. It sounds Chinese, but it sure is cute!
Whenever the opportunity is right, the video camera is no where in sight, battery is dead, or I just plain forget. Watching Gavin with his keyboard is about the funniest thing I've seen all year. Hopefully we can get some video of this singing, dancing, acting boy and post it here soon. He gets most of his moves from his Dad!! :-)