Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Gavin's 8th Birthday

8 is officially the age your little guy isn't a little guy anymore.  It feels so much older, he's so much larger, his words are so much more mature.  When did this happen?  As much as we love to see the kids grow, and change and mature - this one just seemed way different than all the others.  Gavin is quite the young man always setting an example for others, often helping those in need, and definitely looking for ways to earn respect and gain responsibility from adults.  I suppose those are some typical characteristics of a first-born.  But he does them very well.

And then we can't forget that he is just 8, and a boy.  So what kind of cake did he request for his birthday?  POOP CAKE!  A poop-emoji.  Boys will be boys.  He loves reading more than you could ever imagine; and his favorites right now are Captain Underpants (which we had to temporarily ban from the house due to the potty talk), Dog Man, and Harry Potter.  He also excels at math and spelling in school.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Stats

Gavin grew so much this summer.  He was our little-big boy before we left for Colorado, and then school started and he was this giant kid!  His 2nd grade teacher is a tad on the small side, if he grows like he did this summer he may be as tall as her before the school year is up (see photo). As it is he already comes up to Barb's armpit - YIKES!  And as always his character remains the same: kindhearted, funny, sincere, a wonderful leader, and a very caring and loving boy to all who know him.  He has a 6th sense for those in need of a hug, a smile, or a joke - as his parents we're always learning from him!  He makes us all better people.

Height 51.5" = 77%
Weight 65 lbs = 69%

Monday, January 9, 2017

Crazy Christmas 2016

Each year we say "this is going to be such a fun year, the kids are at a perfect age" and each year tops the next.  We loved having extra family here to celebrate with us.  It truly is a magical time of the year!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The stats

As a family we were recently discussing the topic of nicknames.  When Liam was born we called him "peanut" because he was significantly smaller at birth weight than Gavin, and because with a 2 1/2 year old as our only gauge of size, Liam did look like a peanut.  He thinks it's cute and he doesn't mind it, when he's 15 it may not be the same story, but for now I'll take it and continue to call him peanut.

His recent doctors visit solidified the nickname as well.  The pediatrician was a bit worried, but we aren't.  If he's anything like Jason he'll grow several inches between high school and college and probably be taller than all of us.  OR...he'll just live up to his nickname and the other ones that have followed:  surfer dude, Gavin's brother with the good hair, perfect hair, etc.

Did you know, the optimal height for a surfer is 5'9" do now!  If we have to travel to Hawaii often to visit Liam in his surfing competitions, we can live with that!

5 year stats

Liam 41.5" - 19% (he gets that from Barb)
Gavin 43.6" - 64%

Liam 38 lbs - 33%
Gavin 45 lbs - 80%

Gavin age 5                                           Liam age 5

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Liam's 5th Birthday

Having a birthday two days after Christmas is so tough. Our family tradition is to put all the Christmas decorations away on the 26th so Liam can celebrate in style on the 27th.  This year we met our goal and he couldn't have been happier.

A fun daytime party with grandparents, and a nighttime sleepover with friends!  When you're five that is the best day of your life!