Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby #2, second ultrasound

Doctor wanted us to go in for another ultrasound to check out baby's heart.  The first ultrasound baby was moving too much to get some good photos and confirm blood flow.  It was fun for us because of course the technician snuck in a few face shots too.

You it going to be a Liam Patrick or Ellie Jane?? (names subject to change of course)

Covering his/her face with his/her hand 
Great picture of the face, thank you baby for moving your arm. 
Lips and nose look very similar to baby's sibling :)
(Gavin Scott, 1 week old)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Final Pig Roast 2011

The Thew Family had their final pig roast this year.  It was a success as usual.  Many people asked why is this the last year...all good things must come to an end.  It will be missed, but we'll have other reasons for family and friends to get tighter - and I'm sure some of them will be at the river.  Gavin had a great time on his sort of 'camping' trip.  The highlight was the river and swimming of course.
 This is a camping cupcake, he didn't know the difference.

 "Mmm, I yuv cupcake!" in his own words
Those that were there will remember the morning of the pig and Russell.  We won't bore you with the details, other than to say it's a really good thing there were a lot of people who have been to the pig roast before and knew what needed to be done to get that piggy in the ground.
Jason cooking breakfast, he always gets stuck with bacon, but does such a great job. 
Neighbor John has a windmill that Gavin had to go say hi to every morning. 
Hawaiian shirts for everyone, even Gavin :) 
And there's the pig, mmmm! 
Handsome Andy (minus the cigarette) 
Gavin thought Kera's Bumbo seat was a potty.  If only he was that excited to sit on the real potty. 
Jumping & swimming in the ice cold river! 
Gavin actually said "you go first mommy," he's one smart kid!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby #2 Ultrasound

We are well into the pregnancy now, 6 months down only 4 to go.  These ultrasound pictures were taking at exactly 1/2 way through (20 weeks).  The results were great!  The baby weighed just under 1 pound in these photos, crazy how tiny it is.  Although the baby was tiny, the doctor still said the baby is "biggish".  Oh boy!  The Hendricks blood line sure knows how to have BIG babies!  If you can't make out the photos, don't feel bad - until I became a mom I could never figure these things out either.
 Eye, nose, and lips - with it's hand touching it's nose.
 We like this one because it's a great picture of the face.  We think the nose and lips look very similar to Gavin (which takes after mom)
 Baby would not hold still for the ultrasound technician - but it did wave as she took a picture.
 Cutest little foot we've ever seen!!
All cuddled up in a little ball - but a great profile picture of the entire healthy little munchkin!

Girl or Boy you ask?  We don't know, we don't want to!  The lab was even great about sending the results to our doctor and left off those details - so no chance of our doctor slipping up either.  We won't know if we're doing natural or C-Section until  November.  Stay tuned, we'll keep you all posted.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scrumptious Sundays

The Hendricks house has pizza almost every week.  Sometimes we order it, but our favorite thing to do it make it at home.  Pizza can be healthy believe it or not.  Here are a few tips we've found to keep our pizza healthy AND delicious!
Anytime you can use fresh ingredients, it's always that much better for flavor.  This is our CRAZY basil plant that has taken over our herb garden.  It was so delicious on the pizza (we've been making a lot of homemade pesto too).
Pizza crust dough from Sprouts.  If you don't have a Sprouts, try Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's.  These places often have whole wheat dough, and if you use dough rather than a pre made crust you can roll it out thin to give yourself 'thin crust'.
The pan can make or break your homemade pizza experience.  This tip was given to me a couple years ago, and it's the greatest pizza pan alive.  We've recommended it to several friends and they too would agree.  It's $21.00 from Williams Sonoma and worth every penny!
The more veggies the healthier your pizza.  But don't forget the flavor!
We started with a light layer of Garlic Olive Oil (no sauce), mmm so much flavor.  Where do you get Garlic Olive Oil you ask?  Why the Queen Creek Olive Mill of course, and yes you can buy on-line!  Then come the ingredients, this week we did:  prosciutto, mushrooms, basil, and black olives.
Another great 'keep it healthy' tip is the cheese.  Less is more.  This is the most fattening part of the pizza, but also the most delicious.  If you buy a stronger flavored cheese it won't require you to put as much on.  We used Asiago Cheese and placed small slices all over so each piece would have some cheese.  It was delicious!  Last tip, cut the pizza in squares rather than triangles like a pie.  The pieces end up being smaller, and just as filling, you can have 3-4 pieces and feel like you had a lot of pizza.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seattle Rock n' Roll

One of our favorite getaways - SEATTLE! We both ran in the Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon in June. It was a nice long weekend with lots of 'touristy' stuff as Grandma Patti came with us this time and she had never been to Seattle.
So freezing cold waiting for the race. It was perfect race weather, but the standing around waiting for the race to start was awful. Jason had his best time ever! Barb came in under 2 hours, not bad for 4 months pregnant. We both were very pleased with our races.
Snapshot from the light rail. Mt. Rainer is always so beautiful on a clear day.

Gavin loved, loved, loved the Space Needle. Every time we were outside he asked about it. He wasn't as into it when we went up in it; he's rather be viewing it from a far so we can actually see The Needle.
Cousin Grant hosted a BBQ and had the whole family over. Great Grandma Jane was so happy to be able to spend time with Gavin.
Thanks for putting together the BBQ cousin!!

Just in case the paparizzi came looking for G-man, he was incognito strolling through downtown.