Saturday, October 31, 2009

My 1st Halloween!!!!

My first Halloween, so fun! Although I was supposed to be a fish, I was a little 'crabby' - I had shots yesterday so I had an excuse. Mom & Dad dressed up as fishermen.

Goofy mom & dad with their Catch of the Day!

Even had the fishing poles to complete the costume.
You can't see my face because I'm SCREAMING!
Pumpkin painting was a little more fun than costumes...Halloween is past my bedtime.
Grandma Patti decorated my pumpkin for me while I sucked on my hand. I think I've figured out this thumb sucking thing...except mom keeps pulling my hands away.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party

Today I'm dressing up for daycare, but not wearing my costume. Saving that for fun tomorrow with mom & dad.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We haven't updated the blog in a while because we went on vacation to the California beaches. We will get our pictures downloaded this week and put a posting about our family fun. In the meantime Gavin is keeping mommy on track. We went shopping and as we were leaving the store here is my son...asleep, grasping my wallet as if he was guarding it. What a good helper (that's what dad would say).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twins? No!!

But it sure looks like it!!

Gavin in 2009

Gavin in 1976 (kind of).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Seahawks vs. Jaguars

Gavin is the Seahawk's good luck charm because they won, and they won big. Barb & Jason are still trying to figure out how he slept through the majority of the game (when I say majority I mean all but maybe 5 minutes). Don't mess with Gavin when it's time to sleep or eat!

Yes he's sleeping as we're all screaming!

He woke up briefly so dad could take a picture. As you can see he's not real enthused.

Woke up when the game was over and was ready to eat!

After he ate, he fell asleep again. What a nut! Go SEAHAWKS!!!!!

Seattle Trip

Once again Gavin got to go on a plane, and once again he was a superstar. No fussing, just a lot of sleeping and charming the flight crew. They all think he's adorable (how can you not?). We realized when we were packing we don't exactly have 'cold weather' clothes for the little man so he spent a lot of the weekend wrapped up on mom in his wrap and in fuzzy PJ's when he was sleeping. Speaking of sleeping - that's about all he did all weekend.

Fresh off the plane, mom smothered me so I wouldn't be cold.

One of our favorite - Pike Place Market (see slide show below); and yes there is a baby in that piece of fabric...sound asleep.

Walking along the pier, the weather was beautiful for Seattle. No rain! Woohoo!

This is how I spent most of my weekend. Face down on mom, wrapped up warm & tight sound asleep.

Getting ready for the game.
The Seahawk Fan Family!

Pike's Place Market

One of our all time favorite things to do in Seattle. Jason took most of the pictures, and yes Gavin slept through all of it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Anniversary #2

The time between #1 and #2 went SO FAST. It seems like so much has happened since our first anniversary. I supposed pregnancy & a new baby is the biggest part of that. We did manage to get out and celebrate while Grandma Patti watched Gavin. We went to the Taste of Chandler on Saturday 10/3and had lots of great food samples. It was a really fun even that I think we would go to again. Our actual anniversary was a work day (boo) so it was pretty uneventful. Our hot date consisted of flu shots at Costco! So exciting. That's okay now we're healthy and ready to celebrate another year...this time with Gavin!

Monday, October 5, 2009

1st Day of Daycare

Today was the first day of daycare for Gavin. Not too much fun leaving him, but it has to be done. Roxanne is who is taking care of him and we can already tell she loves and cares about him. He'll be in good hands!

And here he is when I picked him up. You'd think all the kid does is sleep.

Don't make me go Mom!!

This is how excited I am about day care. This was how he was dropped off.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taste of Chandler

WOW! What a fun event!! Food, food, food, and more food. Oh yes and they had wine, beer, and vodka too - but when you're nursing you don't care about those things. The cost was $45 to get in, but the food & drinks were included. You get to walk around to all these booths of restaurants from the Chandler area and try samples of their food. Even though they were little samples we found after the first 2 booths that we should start sharing because there was a lot of food to be eaten. A couple pictures below of the Urban Tea Loft, probalby one of our favorites. After the night of tasting we went to this place and had tea. What a charming little restaurant, they use tea and infuse it in the foods on their menu. The sweet potato soup was so, so, so delicious. Tons of fun tea stuff too, Barb was in heaven. It was a great date night (we made it until! Hopefully we can take some friends with us next year - it was tons of fun!

(the coolest tea thing ever, you'll have to ask Jason about it)