Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lola's 1 year stats

The family princess turned 1!!  And this giant is FAR from a princess.  She's rough and tough and tries every day to keep up with her rambunctios brothers.  If you ask us she does a really good job.  We're beginning to think she may be the athlete of the family...we'll see.  Either way we're so, so, so happy Miss Lola was added to the family, she has been the perfect addition!!!

Weight = 18 lbs (17%...had to question if she was a Hendricks)
Height = 30.63" (92%...confirmed she was a Hendricks)
Head 18.3" (88%...full of info to stay on her toes with those boys)

Weight = 24 lbs (70%)
Height = 30.5 (74%)

Weight = 21 lbs (55%)
Height = 29.5" (40%)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

2014 Seattle 3 Day

This was our 6th year participating in the 60 mile challenge.  Seattle is probably our favorite city to do the walk in.  But the 2 times we've done it the weather has been phenomonal!!

We've already signed up for 2015 in Seattle and REALLY want others to join us this year.  The team of two is getting lonely.  Talking for 7 hours a day, 3 days straight for 6 years - we're running out of things to say to each other :)  If you decide you want to join us our team name is "because we can" look for it at registration.