Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is HERE!

Wow, we have so many pictures and fun stories to share. Here are a few highlights from the day. Once we figure out how to work iMovie on our new computer we'll post a video of Gavin opening presents (yes he actually opened them himself).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ho Ho Ho - Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve and Gavin needed to visit Santa to share his Christmas Wish List. In Arizona Santa is outside, come rain or shine. This Santa was at the San Tan Mall and in the shade it was quite chilly. Jason stood in the Santa line, Grandma Patti took Gavin to Build-A-Bear where she and he made "Snowy" his furry, frosty Snowman friend, and Barb was just trying to find some sun to stay warm. 2 HOURS LATER, we finally made it to the front of the line. Jason was holding Gavin and literally 1 minute before it was our turn, G-man fell asleep. Not just dozing off - out cold, couldn't wake up! It was so stinking cute, and what do you do, right? So we said take the picture anyway (which by the way, Santa pictures are a expensive these days). We did end up shaking Santa's jingle bells and got him to wake up, but the sleeping pose was just too cute - and a far better memory.
Gavin was a really good boy this year; pretty sure Santa will be good to him.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spokane Visit

On another airplane. We went to Spokane and lucky us, it snowed. We flew back with G&G Thew and they babysat me while mom went to work at the Spokane office.
Grandma's bathtub is too deep, but I'm almost too big for the kitchen sink. I did love sitting up like a big boy all by myself though.
Uncle Russell kept me happy when I was starting to get fussy at Sawtooth Grill, the restaurant he is the kitchen manager at. He made a delicious, messy bison burger for mom and she ate the whole thing. Uncle Andy was there also, he was a server that night.

My first visit with Santa, he's got a big soft lap. We went to the Spokane Carousel for grandma's union night. We took some canned food and got to ride the carousel. Mom & I rode the tiger because it was stationary...a little safer for my first merry go round.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Xmas Decorating...finally

Last night we finally got the house decorated for Christmas. The tree looks beautiful. Grandma Patti, Grandma Beth, Jason, Barb all decorated while Grandpa Ed and Gavin supervised. Gavin was actually watching the back of his eyelids. He sure makes a cute Santa though.

Tucson 1/2 Marathon

This weekend we headed back to Tucson to our favorite JW Marriott Starr Pass resort. We brought Grandma & Grandpa Thew with us (they're visiting from Spokane). Jason and David ran in the 1/2 marathon and had a very successful race. The rest of us cheered them on! Great job guys, we're so proud of you both!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Our growing boy Gavin has upgraded from milk to food. We started with cereal on Thanksgiving, as you can see he wasn't loving it. Jason thinks it gave him gas so we waited a while to try again. After he mastered rice cereal Barb decided to try carrots and spinach. Again you can see that didn't go over too well. He was eating like a champ, and then all of a sudden it all came back up again. Pretty sure it was the spinach. He tried carrots again today and did great. Tomorrow - butternut squash.

We are attempting to make our own baby food, so far it's been really easy and the best part is we know for sure what's going inside that little guys' body.