Monday, February 23, 2015

Liam and the monkey

We take a photo...or attempt to each year on his bday with his first stuffed animal gift when he was born...the monkey.

 1 Year
2 Year (different monkey filling in for the photo this time)

 3 year
Who knew that a MONKEY would be so fitting for our little MONKEY! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The stats

Liam's 3 year checkup!
He's officially given up afternoon naps and is so proud of himself.  Absolutely ZERO interested in potty training, and believe me we've tried everything.  He has hippie blonde hair, that has darkened a little this winter, but we expect our little toe head back again this summer.  He is definitely creating his own personality and learning how to interact (good and bad) with adults.  He's a really great big brother to Lola, loves to love on her and take care of her.  When he's in the mood he's a good little brother and enjoys playing with Gavin too.

Liam 3 Years
Height 38.4"
Weight 30 lbs

Height 38.2"
Weight 38 lbs