Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rain, rain...come again!

Oh what fun!  Saturday night we had a big thunderstorm, lighting, thunder, and TONS OF RAIN!  The temperature outside was pretty warm, and mother nature was putting on quite a show.  We stood on the porch for a while, but it was just too tempting for the boys.  Even the little princess dabbled in the puddles a little bit, but she didn't like the rain drops.  By the end of the showers the boys were body surfing on the grass and driveway.  Boys will be boys.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The graduate

Preschool graduation may seem like an overrated event to the average adult, but to a 5 year old it's the most exciting day on in the universe!'s one day closer to starting Kindergarten.  Gavin is so extremely excited to go to big kid school next year, he can hardly wait.  It sure makes the transition easier for us!  We are so glad we decided to keep him in preschool one more year.  He has grown so much!

Here are his parting comments from his teachers Mrs. Schick and Mrs. Langstraat "Gavin you are such an amazing young man and it has been a blessing to be your teacher.  you have the academics but most important you are kind, caring and compassionate to all.  I am going to miss your jokes at lunch an your awesome hugs!  you are so ready for Kindergarten and as you go up, you will do great things!  Continue to read and practice writing numbers over the summer"

We're so proud of our G-man.  Can't wait to see what's in store for big kid school  Gavin starts kindergarten at Cedar Creek Elementary on August 13th.

The Stats

Little miss Lola is 19 months old and growing up way faster that we anticipated.  She's still our little petite thing, but tall like daddy.  She can count from 1-10, she has about 60% of the alphabet figured out, can recognize colors, animals, letters and all kinds of other things.  She's a Tom Boy when she wants to be, but also love to play dress up with mommy's jewelry and wear pretty dresses.

19 months
Lola height = 33.5"
Gavin height = 34.5"
Liam height = 32"

Lola weight = 23 lbs
Gavin weight = 27 lbs
Liam weight = 25 lbs

 Gavin Scott 19 months

 Liam Patrick 19 months

notice the boys are wearing the same shirt - just 2 1/2 years later - ha ha.