Sunday, December 1, 2013

Scrumptious Sundays

Fun preschool snacks.  Gavin & Liam each took treat bags to their friends at school with a note telling them they were thankful for friends.  These were all so easy and so fun to make!
Chocolate Chips
Nutter Buter Bites
Hersey's Kisses

The bite size cookies and Hershey's kisses have almost the exact same quantity in each bag.  Maybe a few leftover kisses to munch on while you assemble.
  1. Melt 1/2 of the chocolate chips to use as your glue.  
  2. Dip the Hersey's kiss in the melted chocolate and stick to the Nutter Butter bite.  
  3. Let cool.  
  4. Add the chocolate chip to the top of the cookie; it helps if the melted chocolate has cooled a bit so it doesn't run off the side.

Reese's Mini Peanut Butter cups
Candy Corn
Double Stuff Oreo
White Frosting
(Black Frosting if you wan tot add the eyeballs)

  1. Open the Oreo, apply 6 candy corns to the stuffing.  Add white frosting to reapply the cookie.
  2. Put a liberal amount of frosting on the bottom of the feathered Oreo, apply to a flat Oreo for the base.  If it won't stay you need more frosting.
  3. Cut the Reese's so it will lie flat (this works best if they have been chilled in the fridge for a while)
  4. Use frosting to apply the Reese's and the Whopper for the head and body of the turkey
  5. Cut the remaining Candy Corns to make wings, a nose, and little turkey feet, apply with white frosting.
  6. Lastly you can use a combination of white and black frosting to create the eyes.  I used a toothpick but wasn't super happy with the crazy eyes.  I made another batch and left the eyes off, they were just as cute.  You can also purchase candy eyes at a store like Michaels (or maybe use mini chocolate chips)

 We put a Turkey and a few acorns in a clear cellophane bag and delivered to school just before Thanksgiving. Don't forget to make enough to share with the teachers and other staff!  Everyone LOVED them!!  

We already have our Christmas treats planned - reindeer pops coming soon!