Monday, January 21, 2013

Seattle Getaway

In early December we were able to get away for a kid-free weekend to Seattle.  We jam packed our weekend with things we love; especially some of the things we love about Seattle.

Friday we did a 3 hour food tour with Savor Seattle Tours.  This is the second tour we've done with them; we love it every time.  We get to eat & drink  lots of yummies and we learn something new about one of our favorite cities each time we do it.
They shared their secret recipe for frosting with me - amazing!  The cupcake on the right is a bacon and maple syrup cupcake, the one on the left is chocolate & tomato soup.  Neither sounds that great but both were to die for!
 No trip is complete to Seattle unless we visit Serious Pie.  And we were lucky to have it on our tour this time too.  Potato and rosemary pizza - so, so, so good.  They even have one with an egg on it, we love this place!  Thanks to cousin Grant for introducing it to us years ago.
 Great Seattle trivia behind the gum wall.  The Market Gum Wall even made Wikipedia, go figure we never even knew it was there.  If you've been to Seattle and never seen it, you should look it up.
 Another place we've walked by 1,000 times but never been in, The Pike Brewing Company.  We had some interesting training on beer tasting and beer pairings...who knew it wasn't only for wine.

Saturday was the Seattle Street Scramble.  Seriously so much fun...well at least it was for Barb.  Betsy and Jason were skeptical.  All in all we ended up having fun running around downtown Seattle.  The organization has several throughout the year all over western Washington.  Get a group together and get out there!  You'll love it.  Or maybe we'll see you in Seattle next December.

 Fran's Chocolates was a tip from our tour guide although it wasn't on the tour.  We managed to fit in some coffee and chocolate late Saturday night.  Fran's is unique to the Seattle area and has some of the finest chocolates around.  Great for a special treat, Valentines Day is right around the corner!

In true Hendricks fashion we signed up for a race while visiting The Emerald City too!  The Jingle Bell Run is held every year in downtown Seattle and helps benefit arthritis.  We've been there many times during it, and never thought to sign up.  It was a little cold and wet, but still fun.  A great way to start a Sunday that's for sure.
 Our beloved Seahawks had a COMPLETE BLOW OUT against the Arizona Cardinals.  It was a great season Hawks, can't wait to see what you've got in store next year!

This boat was blasting Christmas music late into the night...very festive...tis the season!

 Good night Seattle, until next time.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


There is never a shortage of food at this house.  As a matter of fact, when looking through some pictures realized a lot of them have food in them.  At least they're all healthy eaters (even the big boy)
 Even in his is close by.
 Learning to use a spoon.
 Learning to feed ourself, without mom & dad having to help.
 The good old fashioned way, just use your hands!

What? a cupcake going in Mr. Hendricks mouth!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Glad commercial

Really need to get this kid in acting class or something.  No we didn't force him to memorize this.  Liam was playing with the container, Gavin found it on the floor and uttered these words.  Is this a sign he's a genius, or he just watches too much TV.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well the cold and snow don't stop us from having fun outside.  The snow is all melted now, we're hoping for a more before winter is over.

 Fun in the cold and snow wouldn't be complete without following it up with WARM chocolate and blanket cuddles on the couch.  Snug as a bug in a rug (as Gavin would say).

Monday, January 14, 2013

Bathtub finger paint

Thank you Santa, what a mess...but what fun!

 That's not pee, it's finger paint colored water - I swear!

I see a Colgate or Old Spice commercial in his future!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Birthday Party for Little Peanut

The party was a success, as successful as a one year old party can be.  As you may know, a one year old party is really for the adults and older kids.  The one year old has no idea what is going on!  Either way, Liam was a good sport and had fun playing with his friends.  Although no immediate family could fly in for his so-close-to-Christmas birthday, we had our Kansas family here.  Thanks to everyone who came and shared in our little man's special day.

 Cupcake decorating activity; sticky, sugary, and FUN...

 Fun to look at, not interested in eating, but he did blow a bit...

 Fun with gifts, toys, movies, and friends...

 Our special birthday boy...