Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seattle Rock & Roll

What a great trip to Seattle! You never know what you're going to get in Seattle, rain, cold, cloudy - or if you go in June you could get warm, clear, and even! We had a fantastic trip, were able to get in lots of visits with family & friends. Oh yes, and the race - we (Jason, Barb, and David) ran in the 1/2 marathon and debuting in her first ever 1/2 marathon - BETSY! Yes she did it and we're so proud of her. Here are some pictures of our trip with more to follow.
Fantastic B&W of Gavin...courtesy of Sam.
Race Day photos also thanks to Sam, our own little paparazzi!

Grandma Beth
New obsession with pillows!
Grandpa Dave
Grandma & Grandpa Seaman
Chilling on the Link Light Rail! What a great way to transport from the airport.
Early morning stroll on the waterfront, we thought Gavin was loving the firetrucks at the fire station - then we realized he was laughing at himself...the reflection in the window.
Pikes Place Market - one of the coolest places in America!
Mt. Rainier from the airplane...what a beautiful day!
Lola - home of the delicious donuts! Thank you Jana for introducing us to one of our favorite Seattle breakfast restaurants!
Auntie Jana Banana, we've all missed you!!

Gavin showing off his walking skills with cousin Grant in the park.

Monday, June 21, 2010

1st Fathers Day

We started our Father's Day with a nice run 5 mile run around the neighborhood. Gavin snacked away on his Cheerios while we ran. He is so good in his stroller, didn't fuss once.

Seriously, is this a happy kid or what. He didn't let dad exactly sleep in on Father's Day (5:15 am wake up call), but we started out day out early so we could spend that much more time together.
A little time outside in the sun before it got too hot.
Future pitcher, catcher, or maybe outfielder like Daddy!

We finished the day with new recipe night, one of our favorites! Jason got a new cookbook for Father's Day and we chose a recipe out of there. We made BBQ Quesadilla's from a Curtis Stone cook book along with a delicious recipe we read about on Sam's Blog, Tortellini & Spinach salad. It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed spending time together!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sad News **Important, please read**

The point of this post is to bring some awareness to the movement of no texting and driving. We rarely text and drive, but all too often are reading e-mails or distracted other ways by our cell phone. The Hendricks house is making a commitment to no longer read or type while in the the car (even if we're at a red light). We are taking it a step further and committing to no longer using our cell phones in the car unless we have the ability to speak hands free or pull over to make a call.
Remember the days before cell phones? I do, and I hear stories like the one below and I am reminded that my text, call, or e-mail isn't an emergency, and if I feel it is important enough to call or text at that moment, it is worth pulling off the road to address.

We hope you will join us in making a commitment to not text and drive, and please share your commitment and challenge others via your own blog, facebook, e-mail, etc.

This past weekend we were in San Diego visiting our dear friends the Mumfords who also happened to be there on vacation. They had a 15 year old neighbor boy dog sitting for them while they were away. The boy had taken Ellie, their dog out for a walk and a driver (grown adult) swerved off the road up on the curb because he was texting and driving. Luckily the 15 year old was not hit; he could have been hurt badly and possibly killed. Unfortunately Ellie was hit, and did not make it. We're sorry for the Mumford's and their loss. Ellie was a great dog and our family looks at her as a hero, she saved that 15 year old. This was a quiet neighborhood, slow speeds, well lit, and still someone texting and driving lost control of their car and endangered the lives of others.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not text and drive; and if you can bare it - challenge yourself to use your cell phone while driving only for emergencies or purchase a hands free device for your car/phone.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prescott Visit

We went to visit GG & GG Hendricks in Prescott, AZ over the holiday weekend. It was a wonderful trip as always. The weather was SUPER. Gavin did pretty good in the car, not perfect, but good for a 10 month old. We all went to lunch and then to the park to feed the ducks. The ducks weren't very interested in us, but we did get some great pictures. It is so beautiful in Prescott, a nice visit with family and a great day to escape the Gilbert heat.

4 generations of Hendricks; you might not be able to see Grandpa Steve in the picture - but he was there in spirit watching over his boys. Very special!

Gavin and Great Grandpa Hendricks
Great Grandma Joy and Great Grandpa Howard - lifting a very heavy baby boy :)