Sunday, August 29, 2010

1st Peanut Butter & Jelly :)

Oh yeah baby! You're just not American if you don't like PB&J...and Gavin loves it!! Of course there isn't really much of anything this little guy won't eat. It was fun watching him have his first big boy sandwich. Mommy cut the crust off of course!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pooh's 1st Year

We picked Baby's 1st Pooh to measure Gavin's growth; we will continue to take pictures each year with Pooh on his birthday. A fun way to document how he grows each year. Amazing how much he grew in just a year.
Gavin and Pooh, 3 days old.
Gavin & Pooh, 6 months old.

Active Gavin (had a hard time getting a still photo) and Pooh at 12 months old.


Duct tape = $3.59
Extra Large Black Sharpie = $1.99
Utility Knife = $6.78
The most entertaining toy of all time, made of free cardboard = Priceless

We will need to buy a new fridge soon so Gavin will have a large enough box to play in.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday Toys

Wow, never would have thought being 1 would get you so many COOL things. Gavin has been overwhelmed with gifts by everyone he loves. We got a new shelf to help organize them and he plays so well. Not so good at cleanup, but he's learning. Thank you everyone for the generous and thoughtful gifts, here are a few pictures of him playing.
Books, books, and more books. I'm not sure this is Barb's son (she hates to read). Gavin makes us read at least 7-8 books a night. He loves to turn the pages.
Yes that's a tool box, made for 3+ year olds. He has already figured out how to hammer everything in sight. This is the new toy shelf, you can see he has the 'stacking toys' box slid open.
OK so the chair was a gift for when he was born, but he's now discovered he LOVES it at 1 year old. He sits in it every day, several times a day.
Loves to cuddle with his stuffed animals. Kisses all of them, it's so cute.
The lawnmower, makes noise and blows bubbles. He mows the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the hallway, and more. He watches Jason do the real thing every weekend - he loves being just like dad.
Really? This thing is the 2nd best thing to Chuck E. Cheese. Seen how it is large enough to fit Barb AND Gavin in it, we will only be brining it out on special occasions. Once he realized you could go in and come out the other side he loved it. It's packaged up nice and neat in the hallway outside his room right now, every morning he sees it and says "baseball, baseball, baseball". Every ball is a baseball right now - pretty cute.

What birthday is complete without the ultimate noise machine. Gavin is a Mozart in the works. He loves to push buttons and get a reaction that plays music. And yes of course the dancing, he dances to any and all kinds of music (even Barb's hip hop). Currently Justin Bieber's "Baby" is his favorite.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Spokane Visit - Pig Roast

Our annual Pig Roast once again was a success. We headed up a little early this year so we weren't so rushed. Great time with friends and family - as always!
The beach was not so fun for Gavin, we think it was either the rocky sand or the BIG river that freaked him out. He normally loves water and swimming.
Didn't exactly dig the life jacket either.
Swings!!! Always fun, even if Gavin is crabby - instant fun on the swings!!
Shadle Park (Barb's old stomping grounds) has added a new park and splash pad. Gavin had fun and Barb got soaked from some other kids that were playing.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gavin's 1st Birthday Party

What a lucky little boy! Today was as close to perfect as it can get. There were a few minor hiccups, but those are the moments that make memories. Here are just a few photos from the special day. Thanks to all who came and celebrated with us, we really loved having you all here!
Started the party at the pool. We drove over at 11:00 just as it started to pour down rain. People still came, and when the food arrived around noon the skies opened up and it ended up being a beautiful sunny day (there are sunburns to prove it).
A little rain didn't stop Gavin, he played so hard he had to leave the party to take a 3 hour nap before cake time!

What a fun party to decorate for. We had a baseball theme and were able to use a bunch of Jason's things from when he played; it made the day even more special and unique.
Gavin...spoiled? NO!
Giant baseball cupcake for the birthday boy and matching ones for the guests.
The great shish-kabob story! Our neighbors were going to be out of town so they offered for us to use their fridge for extra story. That was lifesaving because we ran out of room in our fridge early on Friday. We had been over several times on Saturday to put things in their fridge (using the garage keypad to let ourselves in as needed). When the pool party was over and it was time to start dinner we were LOCKED OUT! Jason was just about to crack - of course it never fails something has to go wrong. Why couldn't we have put the salad in their fridge? No, we put the main course over there. A full tray of kabobs and all the extras to make more. YIKES. We eventually got in and everyone had plenty to eat (we're still eating the leftovers a couple days later).

Why mess up a perfectly good cake when there pudding nearby. We made edible fingerpaints for the kids to play with and Gavin enjoyed that much more than the cake. Perhaps the giant baseball cupcake was too big for little Gavin. He sure loved that pudding though.

Grandpa & Grandma Hendricks framed the invite, it will go perfect in Gavin's big boy room.
We opened a few presents at the end of the evening, but left most of them for Sunday. It was a long day and we were all very tired.