Sunday, November 25, 2012

To Infinity and BEYOND...

In typical Hendricks fashion, we ALL willingly participated in Halloween this year.  Gavin was really into it so we let him chose his costume and then we worked in a family theme around that.  His first choice was a muppet (had no idea what I was going to do for that).  A few other ideas later, he finally settled on Buzz Lightyear.  Liam = The alien, Barb = Jesse, and Jason (who actually resembles the toy very much!) = Woody.  We got more candy than this non-candy-eating family could every need.  Gavin thinks it is quite the treat to get some sweets after dinner.

We are just now getting neighbors (in November) so we're so excited for next year's Halloween when we have a full cul de sac and can celebrate with our close neighborhood.  Also in Hendricks holiday tradition - we gave away KING SIZE candy bars.  Needless to say those were a huge hit!  We have a reputation to uphold now.