Saturday, January 7, 2017

The stats

As a family we were recently discussing the topic of nicknames.  When Liam was born we called him "peanut" because he was significantly smaller at birth weight than Gavin, and because with a 2 1/2 year old as our only gauge of size, Liam did look like a peanut.  He thinks it's cute and he doesn't mind it, when he's 15 it may not be the same story, but for now I'll take it and continue to call him peanut.

His recent doctors visit solidified the nickname as well.  The pediatrician was a bit worried, but we aren't.  If he's anything like Jason he'll grow several inches between high school and college and probably be taller than all of us.  OR...he'll just live up to his nickname and the other ones that have followed:  surfer dude, Gavin's brother with the good hair, perfect hair, etc.

Did you know, the optimal height for a surfer is 5'9" do now!  If we have to travel to Hawaii often to visit Liam in his surfing competitions, we can live with that!

5 year stats

Liam 41.5" - 19% (he gets that from Barb)
Gavin 43.6" - 64%

Liam 38 lbs - 33%
Gavin 45 lbs - 80%

Gavin age 5                                           Liam age 5

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